Funding Available for Health Care Aide Training

Submitted by: Swan Valley Medical Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee

The four municipal governments that comprise the Swan River Valley are announcing a plan to move forward with the provision of health services to residents who need long term care.

Funding will be provided to eliminate a barrier to training of Health Care Aides with a goal of re-opening ten long term care beds that are currently closed.

The Swan Valley Medical Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee will offer successful applicants fully paid tuition to the UCN Health Care Aide program that will be offered in Swan River starting on October 3rd. This funding represents a contribution of up to $5,600 per student to ensure nothing stands in their way of becoming a certified Health Care Aide who can enjoy a career in the local area.

“We need more people from our area trained and working these jobs. For some they can enjoy a career as a Health Care Aide. For others this will be a stepping stone toward a career in other parts of medicine including nursing.”said Committee Chairperson Duane Whyte.

The Swan River Valley is currently short 56 Health Care Aides and committee member Bill Gade says that each vacancy represents a chance to grow our valley. “For each local person who trains and takes a position we will see tens of thousands of dollars added to our local economy each year. Right now money is leaving the community and going elsewhere through the use of temporary staff. We want those employees here where their families can enjoy the best place to live along with the best schools in the province.”

Funding under the program is offered as a return of service agreement that will see those who are trained work in valley facilities.

Gade notes that the training provider is making the course as flexible as possible. “UCN will work with students to meet their needs for training. We could not ask for a better post secondary partner who understands and cares about the needs of our community and is working to make things better here for everyone.”

Those wishing to access the tuition assistance program must first apply and be accepted by UCN for the certificate program. Once approved the committee will work with students to finalize a return of service agreement. Those wishing to apply to the training program should contact Cindy Woodson at (204) 734-9823.

The Swan Valley Medical Professional Recruitment and Retention Committee is comprised of representatives from the Rural Municipality of Mountain North, the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman, the Town of Swan River and the Municipality of Swan Valley West. Funding for the committees efforts is based on a per capita contribution from each partner municipality.

The committee works to attract and keep a diverse pool of medical talent in the Swan River Valley. Additionally work continues to offer CT services in the local area to keep more patients closer to home when they need diagnostic imaging.