Manitoba Stronger Together

Submitted by: Patty Schullman |

Summary of Manitoba Stronger Together meeting
held in Swan River Sunday, September 10 @ 2:00 – 4:00 pm

The meeting opened with Rosalie Drysdale leading in singing our National Anthem “ O Canada”.
There were four speakers as follows:

Speaker #1 Barbara Bendera, who spoke of her life in Communist China as a teacher. She talked about China’s social credit score system and total surveillance and control of its people. If the people don’t comply with the government’s demands, their social credit score declines and they are deprived of services or privileges. If they do something the government doesn’t like , their picture is plastered all over the place. If anyone is a real problem, they are sent to a “re-education camp”.

Speaker #2 Chris Riddell gave an overview of what Manitoba Stronger Together is all about. Go to their website to learn more and see how YOU can make a difference in your community and your province.

Speaker #3 Ken Drysdale, the Keynote Speaker, is one of the Commissioners for the National Citizens Inquiry which is a citizen led investigation into all things pertaining to Covid 19 and the over reach of the government’s response. There were numerous testimonies from all over Canada from Canadian doctors, ex police, funeral directors, Truckers Convoy leaders, school experts, ex media, lawyers, reporters, and specialists such as Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the MRNA technology in the Covid 19 vaccines. According to Dr Malone and people testifying, the experimental gene therapy (vaccine)pushed by Canada and government’s worldwide, was neither safe nor effective. Dr Malone says especially do not give the vaccine to children. Many testified of their injuries and deaths of loved ones. Funeral directors testified of the findings in the bodies of the vaxxed deceased. You can watch all the testimonies on their website. See:

At the meeting, Ken talked of how “We the People” can make a difference in our province by working together forming a grassroots movement to make very needed changes and make our elected officials accountable to we the people instead of corporate interests that are not in the best interests of the people. You can read of all the important changes at their website. See:

Speaker #4 Donnan McKenna, MLA Candidate for the Manitoba Keystone Party, for our area, is dedicated to assisting We the People in upholding the rights and freedoms of all Manitobans and provide us with the opportunity to create a stronger, united Manitoba and a government that is directly accountable to the people of our province. See more at:

This concluded the meeting of which everyone was thanked for coming and much thanks went out to the refreshment committee. A time of refreshments, visiting and conversations was well received. Overall the meeting was excellent, well presented and informative.