Elder Abuse and Nutrition Discussed at Coffee and a Chat

Submitted by: Swan River & District Community Resource Council Inc.

We are back on track holding Coffee and A Chat, this series of sessions were at the Birch River Drop In Center, Benito Drop In Center and the Swan River Senior Center. They were held June 27, 28, 29th 2023, at Birch River, Benito and Swan River all started at 10 am.

This month’s topics were Elder Abuse Awareness and Nutrition for Maintaining Your Strength. Pastor Bob Lewis started the conversation which led to, what is elder abuse, how can we be aware that it is happening and how to prevent it from happening. A cute story, Is it really abuse if we limit salt or favorite foods to a 90 year old or someone in hospice care? Something to think about!

Nutrition for Maintaining your strength was discussed with Community Dietitian Katie Kroeker. She made a calcium and protein rich smoothie that we all had a chance to sample. Bob did agree that it was good even if it did have Kale in it.!

The sessions ended with Katie mixing up a salmon salad sandwich topping. Who knew that shredded carrots, bell peppers, avocado and capers would be good with salmon, but it was delicious.

We are looking forward to the next sessions in July 25, 26, 27th where Lee Graff will talk and share secrets about skin care and Katie Kroeker will talk about Eating for Hearth Health. Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing you again next month.