Great Gospel Weekend with Neighbors and Friends

Pictured above: Jeff Reimer family from Ridgeville

Submitted by: Violet Plett |

We had a great weekend of listening to Gospel Music, and visiting with neighbors and friends, and meeting new friends. The attendance overall wasn’t very big, but we did count about 60 people there at one point. We had several bands and others camping for the weekend. Thanks to all who came.

Our singers this year included a new family band from Ridgeville, Mb. That is south of Winnipeg, just a few miles from the US border. People enjoyed the kids singing and playing.

We also had Christian Book distributers come for the weekend. Dave and Kathy McGill came from Ile-des-Chene to share books, cards,etc with us.

The Saturday turkey supper is a tradition that is enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Mary Spence for cooking this for us, and to the volunteers who helped us serve it.

Sunday morning we took a break from singing to hear some thoughts from God’s Word. Ian Mckay is an interesting story teller, and really made the Bible truths understandable and relevant for this day and age. In the Bible story , a little boy offered his lunch to Jesus and it became a huge blessing to all the people there. Ian challenged us to offer what we have, whether large or small, to God and watch Him do something with it.

Sunday morning was clear and hot, but right after the speaker, the jamb ended with a crash and a splash. A huge downpour and wind hit us. It lasted quite awhile, and everything got soaked. We closed early with everything and almost everyone getting soaked. A few stayed dry in the concession booth. Only God knows why He kept the rain away on Friday and Saturday, but let it hit us full force on Sunday.