Coffee and A Chat: Groceries, Budgets and Taxes

Submitted by: Submitted by: Swan River & District Community Resource Council Inc. – Service to Seniors

The February 14 and 16, 2023 Coffee and a Chat sessions were attended by 36 people. Topics this month were making nutritious affordable meals with Katie Kroeker and Bruce Hardie CPA giving us hints on how to make a household budget and how to use Income tax discussions to our benefit.

Katie produced ingredients that are available here in Swan at reasonable prices to make a vegetable/protein burrito. This was a different meal for most of the crowd but was very much enjoyed by all. The meal was topped up with salad and condiments to make a nice light but nourishing meal.

Katie played the Price is Right game with the participants who enjoyed a laugh filled time talking about the prices of today and in 1935.

Katie and the participants chatted about how to save money when shopping, some are: don’t shop hungry, use a coupon or app, price shop, make a weekly menu and purchase groceries from your list, buy in bulk or purchase store brand and stay away from junk food which is very expensive to our pocket book and poor for our health.

Bruce talked about how to set up a household budget with a handout of a budget template and a small notebook and pen to keep track. There was a spirited conversation about the tax laws and RRSP’s, RIFF’s, Pension Splitting, TFSA;s Medical expenses that can be tax deductible.

Ask your accountant for the new Home Accessibility Tax Credit, Primary Care Tax Credit, Tax deductible expenses related to a senior or disabled person living with you where you need to do home renovations.

A good takeaway from this Accounting Session is: When you are travelling out of the Swan Valley for medical appointments remember to ask your specialists’ receptionist for a Confirmation Receipt of your visit. You can use this receipt with your accountant for tax purposes. You do not need to pay your Dr. for a formal year end document if you have this Confirmation Receipt.