Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – October 11, 2022

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report
October 11, 2022

Northwest Region
A killing frost last week closed out the growing season in the region, with temperatures dropping as low as -10°C at Ruthenia. Little to no precipitation fell, so harvest was able to progress.

Spring wheat harvest is nearing completion in the region, as is canola. Straw baling seems to be wrapping up, and straw yield has been high. Soybean harvest is approximately half done.

Post-harvest fieldwork and anhydrous ammonia application is underway in the Swan Valley region, manure application is ongoing near Roblin. Rain is needed to replenish soil moisture levels for forage stands, and help recharge livestock water supplies for winter.

Provincial Overview
Harvest progress sits at 79% completed across the province, approximately two weeks behind the 5-year average of 89% complete by week 41.

Canola continues to be harvested in all regions, but notable progress has been made in the Southwest region, where crops were generally later and more variable than other regions. Harvest progress sits at 63% complete in the Southwest and at 79% done across Manitoba.

Soybean harvest has jumped up to 50% complete, and producers have been pleased with yields so far this year, which range from 30 to over 60 bu/acre, generally averaging above 40 bu/acre.

As with spring seeding, harvest progress varies widely by farm and region, depending on seeding date and growing season weather conditions. Many farms have completed harvest, while some have just started.

Some unharvested cereals have seen quality downgrading from recent wet weather, where staining, mildew and sprouting has affected late wheat and oat crops.

Fall tillage and fieldwork is underway wherever farmers are caught up with harvest, or are able to work when rains stops harvest progress. Erasing sprayer ruts via tillage is common, and fields are being worked more commonly than in the previous two years.

Fertilizer application is ongoing, with some broadcast fertilizer being applied, while many farms choose to band granular nitrogen or anhydrous ammonia.

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