Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – August 9, 2022

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report
August 9, 2022

Northwest Region
A mix of temperatures and precipitation this week with day time temps reaching nearly 30°C and overnight lows dipping down well below 10°C; a cool -1.6°C was reported at the Swan Valley station for a very brief period. Winds were persistently strong for several days last week. Minimal precipitation fell in most of the region, with the exception of Birch River (18mm) and The Pas (35.5 mm). Precipitation would benefit some areas of the region.

Previously lodged wheat and barley have recovered somewhat, but many areas remain quite flat. Silage corn fields are beginning to tassel and silaging will start soon. Greenfeed cutting has begun.

Provincial Overview
Soybean aphids are reaching economic thresholds in scattered locations across Manitoba. Spraying is occurring as-needed, but crops require intensive scouting on a field-by-field basis.

Grasshopper pest species are present in all regions – mostly confined to field edges and headlands but moving more as insects reach adult (winged) stages and travel further into fields. Feeding damage varies, and control is ongoing as required.

Some crop protection companies are closely watching local insecticide supplies, as supply chain issues persist and increased demand has stretched supplies.

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