Garden Walk Not Dampened by Scattered Showers

Pictured above: Lilies in the garden of Lance and Coralie Jacobson

Submitted by: Audrey Showdra with additional pictures from ValleyBiz |

Although light cloud prevailed and a couple light rain showers fell, it certainly did not prevent many, many people from enjoying the Garden Walk sponsored by the Swan River Ladies Golf Club on July 25, 2022.

It was a perfect temperature to view several lovely gardens in Swan River, and the cookies & ice tea at one of the gardens was very popular.

Yard of Rick & Minnie Loat

Yard of Stan & Teresa Reich

Yard of Lance & Coralie Jacobson

Yard of Tony & Kathy Child

Yard of Dwayne & Lorne Stankewich

Yard of Mark & Romy Russell

Yard of Dave & Bill Theunissen

It is always a happy day to watch the smiles on peoples face as they see one pretty garden after another and visiting with friends and families. Thank you one and all for attending and especially the families that allowed their gardens to be shown on the walk.