Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – July 19, 2022

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report
July 19, 2022

Northwest Region
A week of warmer weather and high temperatures over the weekend advanced crop development. Spikes in daytime temperature cause some pod/flower abortion in canola. Regional rainfall has been lower than in other parts of the province, and farms at The Pas are dry.

Weed escapes following herbicide application are now visible, wild oats has popped above crop canopy in many cases. Most crops are developing well, but root rot is an issue in wet pea fields, and lodging has occurred in some cereal crops near Dauphin.

Provincial Overview
General crop condition is much better than in 2021, but producers anticipating near-normal to above normal yields in crops that have faced fewer challenges, and fair yields in stagey or significantly delayed crops. Crop condition varies widely within a region or local district.

Fungicide use is much more common in 2022 than in the past few years, due to the density of crop canopy, abundance of rain and dew, and risk of disease development. Fungicide economics are still pencilling out as a positive return for most farmers, even on poorer or late-seeded crops, given the potential market price.

Late-seeded crops and rapid mid-summer crop development may shorten the time to harvest, and farmers and agronomists are encouraged to use the Keep it Clean spray-to-swath calculator to know the pre-harvest interval for products applied to their crop.

Weed control has been much better in-crop this year, despite herbicide product and application challenges. However, weed escapes are not uncommon, and wild oats are popping above crop canopy in some cases, while herbicide resistant kochia and green foxtail populations persist. Round-leaf mallow was a challenge to control, and many weeds were not fully killed by herbicide spraying in many crops.

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