SVRSS Drama Presents Remembering Stuff

ValleyBiz Story

The Swan Valley Regional Secondary School Drama Class presented “Remembering Stuff” by Elanor Harder on On Friday, June 10, 2022 in the SVRSS Cafeteria.

The play focused on a group of high school drama students given the assignment to share the memories.

The audience was entertained by light hearted and humorous recollections of first dates, teenage crushes, sibling squabbles, food fights and driving tests.

The students did a great job of capturing heart felt moments as they tackled tough issues such as poverty, adoption, abuse, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, eating disorders and death.

Cast (in order of appearance)
Roman Bulycz, Zaida Hanke, Abby Thiessen, Owen Mullin, Damien Stevens, Rayna Eisner, Katie Smith, Hannah Patience, Riley Marzolf, Brook Allaire, Danny Beauchamp, James Mault, Rhys Varey, El Daniels, Shannon Senanayake, Jenna Smith

Charlene Rooks, Director
Sandy Lambert, Tammy Zaretsky-Denischuk, Millie Eisner, Ben Riehl, Kyle Machan, Ty Klima, Glenn Hogarth, Glenda Turton, Finn Kelbert