Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – May 24, 2022

Manitoba Agriculture
Crop Report
May 24, 2022

Northwest Region
Cool and wet weather the previous week continued to halt progress. Dauphin and Grandview received the most rain at 48 mm for the week, and have seen minimal seeding progress. Planting progress has been most advanced in the Swan Valley and Roblin areas, where wheat is approximate 10% seeded, and field peas are about 18% done.

Some fields that had been flooded required debris cleanup. Gully erosion occurred in some fields near the Duck Mountains, notably near Ethelbert, washing out large portions, clearing topsoil, and leaving only glacial till substrate behind.

Provincial Overview
Substantial rains fell again late last week, with increasing precipitation as the showers moved north of the US border. Better drying weather arrived late Saturday, and some areas were able to resume seeding over the holiday weekend. Most soils across the province remain wet, forcing farmers to seed whatever crop they can on their driest ground. Farmers are prioritizing corn, field peas, soybeans, potatoes, and dry edible beans ahead of spring wheat or canola, considering the soon-approaching insurance coverage seeding date deadlines on the listed crops. Some broadcast canola seeding has occurred, while farmers are attempting to dry ground using shallow tillage or harrowing in preparation for all crops.

No part of agro-Manitoba has received less than 131% of normal rainfall for the period of April 12 to May 22, while large parts of Central and Eastern Manitoba have had over 260% of normal rain during that time. Extremely wet conditions have impacted local infrastructure, making roads soft or impassable, as well as washing out culverts and bridges in some instances.

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