Artwork Shared at End of Season Art Show

Submitted by: Renate Wille |

On Saturday May 7, 2022 local artists displayed their work during the art show at Little Woody Church. To make it quite clear, this Art Show is not a fund raiser for the church. We, that is a group of Artists who use the space to paint on Mondays in late fall and winter, thank the generosity of the church.

This Show concludes the season and allows us to share our work with friends and whoever is interested. Not all the exhibitors belong to our group, but we love to have them show their art in this venue.

We were so excited this year to be allowed to have this show after all the Covid restrictions.

Here is a list of all the exhibitors:
Naomi Nemez
Ryan Nemez
Peyton Corder
Shirley Nemez ( in loving memory with all her wonderful craft pieces)
Barb and Terry Filuk
Barb Labbe
Lois Borland
Julie Kooistra
Wilma Barkman
Candace Balbo
Martyn Snell
Ursula and Heidi Taylor
Lydia Neufeld
Katharina Brown
Sherry Popke
Katie Betcher
Moe Bowles
Renate Wille

Thanks to the artists and thanks to all the visitors.
It was a good time together and the food was delicious.