Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 28, 2021

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
September 28, 2021 |

Northwest Region

Another week of no precipitation and good weather allowed harvest to progress nicely across the region. However, the lack of precipitation continues to deplete soil moisture conditions and water sources.

Some post harvest fieldwork has been done; however, some are holding off due to dry conditions. Post-harvest weed control is taking place as weeds and volunteers are actively growing. The Roblin, Inglis, and San Clara areas each received a couple nights of light frosts with Inglis reaching -2°C.

Spring wheat is 99% harvested, while some oats remain standing and ready to be harvested.

Canola is 95% harvested across the region, with varying yields being reported reflective of crop conditions. Harvest progress is slightly lower in The Pas. Canola that is still standing is either late germinating/reseeded and is not quite ready for harvest. Yields in the Swan Valley in poorer crops are approximately 15 to 25 bu/ac and better crops yielding 45 to 50 bu/ac; yields in Roblin are near 35 bu/ac and Dauphin at 25 bu/ac and upwards to 55 bu/ac in better fields.

Soybean harvest is underway across the region, while more advanced in the southern areas. Most of the soybean crop is at R8 and continuing to ripen. Yields so far in the Dauphin region are averaging 25 to 40 bu/acre.

Flax is 50% harvested, no reported yields as of yet. Fababeans remain standing and continuing to ripen.

Producers have wrapped up corn silaging in much of the region. Cattle feed is being hauled to winter-feeding facilities and being analyzed in order to make winter feeding plans. Grazing continues on pastures and annual fields where possible. Some producers are waiting for a frost to harvest or graze alfalfa fields. Water supply remains low and needs a good recharge for next year’s grazing season.