Positive Case Of COVID-19 IN SVRSS

Swan Valley School Division Notice |

A member of our school community at SVRSS has informed us that they have tested positive for COVID-19. While we await a public health investigation, we have contacted individuals who we believe are close contacts and advised them and their household members to self-isolate and wait to hear from public health. The student was believed to be at SVRSS when communicable on Monday May 10th for a short period of time in the am.

If you have not received separate direction from the school or a public health official, we do not believe you/your child are a contact and nothing further is required at this time but that could change once public health’s investigation is over. Please note: We are not permitted to release the name or any identifying information about a self-identified or confirmed case of COVID-19 to any member of the school, community, or media.

SVSD is and will be cleaning extensively areas of contact today. SVRSS will be open on Thursday May 13th. We continue to work with public health officials and will provide more information as it becomes available to the school community.

For more public health information about COVID-19, please visit