Justin Langen Local Recipient of Honour 150

Justin Langen has been selected as a Honour 150 Honouree. Honour 150, presented by Canada Life, recognizes 150 outstanding people from across the province.

Justin Langen is committed to giving voice and recognition to Métis youth.

Justin Langan’s Honour 150 Profile was written by
Red River College student: Nicholas Clifford

Justin Langan began giving back to his community at the age of 15, when he helped to form a Youth Council in Swan River, where he quickly introduced dances, clubs, and lgbtq2+ representation to the high school community.

His reach, and outreach, expanded so that by the age of 21 he is already changing the world for the better, influencing his local community and national organizations.

“You have to know where you come from before you can move forward,” said Langan in a speech he delivered in 2016. “It is important to learn and understand our culture as Métis youth, [as well as] keep our culture and language alive within our communities.”

After developing his leadership skills in high school, Langan soon met Frances Chartrand, Vice-President of the MMF Northwest Métis Council and Manitoba 150 nominator, who helped Langan advance as a community leader within the Northwest Region.

Now, Langan volunteers with the Métis Youth Leadership program regionally and provincially. He is actively involved with the Métis Nation as provincial representative on the MMF Northwest Youth Advisory Committee and Northwest Representative on the MMF Provincial Youth Advisory Committee.

“I get tired sometimes,” Langan says, “but I just want to do more.”

Langan encourages and advocates youth to participate in Métis cultural events, consultation meetings, and in various youth leadership events.

“Justin has inspired me to become more involved and help relieve some social anxieties I’ve had,” said childhood friend and Métis Youth leader Caitlin Fedoriw. “He’s inspired me to help better myself and my community, I truly appreciate him for that.”

Canada Life is making a $500 donation to the charity of each Honouree’s organization of choice. Justin Langan’s donation was made to Under One Roof, Swan Valley.