Street Dedicated in Honour of Dave Theunissen

Submitted by: Sherry Markle

In the summer of last year, Swan Valley Animal Protection League sent a letter to the Municipality of Swan Valley West to request that the road upon which their new shelter will be located be renamed “Dave Theunissen Drive”; in honor of Dave Theunissen who is a long time member of SVAPL.

Council approved the renaming of this road in September, and erected a sign recently near Spruce Products Ltd. On Saturday, Feb 22, 2020, SVAPL held a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for Dave. Many of Dave’s friend’s were in attendance, along with members of SVAPL, Reeve Bill Galloway, Rotary members, and of course Dave’s poker buddies!

SVAPL President, Sherry Markle, had the following words for Dave:

“Dave Theunissen has been a cornerstone of our community for many years. Builder, business owner, volunteer, avid outdoorsman, artist, husband, father, animal lover, friend. Dave has been involved with many organizations as a volunteer, and when Dave gets involved with something, he puts his entire heart and soul into it. A member of the Rotary Club for more than 40 years, and a long time member of Ducks Unlimited and Swan Valley Animal Protection League, Dave has spent countless hours helping others bring local projects to life.

This past year, Swan Valley Animal Protection League has been on the move to a new location. Dave’s help and advice in this large undertaking has been invaluable. Dave has contacts everywhere, and because of him and the generosity of Spruce Products Ltd and Ward Perchuk, we now have a 10 acre property near here to call home. As we began to move to our new location, we talked a lot about honoring Dave in some way for everything he has done for us. Not just this past year, but for all the years he has dedicated his time to our group. And so the idea came about to request that the road our new shelter was to be located on should be named Dave Theunissen Road.

Dave found out about this quite by accident. His son was down visiting and was reading the meeting minutes for Swan Valley West in the Star and Times. He said, hey dad, did you know they are naming a road after you??

When Dave and I talked about where the sign was to be located, on the same post as Richard Walker Way, Dave was thrilled. He said well now my old friend Dick Walker and I will be reunited. How sweet is that??”

Dave Theunissen responded with a short speech, saying how very grateful and happy he was to see his name on the sign, and on the same sign post as his dear friend for many years, Richard Walker. Dave was very touched to see all of the people that came out to the dedication.

Reeve Bill Galloway congratulated Dave on his many years of service to the Valley both as a businessman and volunteer, and commented on the fact that Dave and Richard were now reunited by this signpost.

A ribbon cutting ceremony followed, with Holly Urban and Kyla Tibbett holding the ribbon for Dave to cut. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to congratulate and support Dave!