Minitonas-Bowsman Minutes – December 17, 2019

Regular Meeting of the members of the Council of the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman, held in the Council Chambers, in Minitonas, Manitoba this 17th day of December, 2019 A.D. at 7:00 p.m.

Reeve: W. Pacamaniuk
Councillors: G. Bartel, S. Walmsley, C. Densen, W. Kolisnyk and D. Wagner
CAO: Patti Simpson

Absent with Notice:
Councillors: L. Hutman

David Bertram – Kennel Application at 7:30 p.m.
Tent Town Garden Club at 7:45 p.m.

Additions to Agenda:
4.10 Minitonas Arena

1. G. Bartel – S. Walmsley
RESOLVED THAT the Agenda be adopted as amended.

2. W. Kolisnyk – D. Wagner
RESOLVED THAT Stuart Walmsley shall be appointed as Finance Chair for this Council meeting.

3. C. Densen – D. Wagner
RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the Regular meeting of Council held on December 3, 2019 shall be adopted as circulated.

4. S. Walmsley – G. Bartel
RESOLVED THAT we do hereby authorize payment of the List of Accounts numbered 7297 to 7406 inclusive, amounting to $278,902.44.

5. W. Kolisnyk – C. Densen
RESOLVED THAT the Financial Statement and Bank Reconciliation for the month ending November 30, 2019 shall be approved as presented.

6. C. Densen – D. Wagner
RESOLVED THAT the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman Council does hereby approve the 2018 Audit Financial Statements for the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman.

7. G. Bartel – S. Walmsley
RESOLVED THAT the Council of the Municipality of Minitonas-Bowsman does hereby approve the Staff Expense Reports as submitted.

8. W. Kolisnyk – C. Densen
RESOLVED THAT the Animal Control Report for the month of November 2019 be accepted as submitted.

9. W. Kolisnyk – C. Densen
WHEREAS an application has been received for a Kennel Permit at NW 22-36-26W and is attached hereto;
AND WHEREAS the Animal Control By-Law #06-2018 requires that any person who wishes to keep, harbor, possess or control the number of dogs in excess of the maximum number prescribed in Section 7, regardless of whether for profit or pleasure, shall apply in writing to the Council for a kennel license as well as a Hearing must be held;
AND WHEREAS the requirement that reasonable attempt to notify all property owners within a one (1) mile radius of the premise upon which the proposed kennel will be located, of the application and the date of the hearing in respect of the application has been met by doing a mail out;
AND WHEREAS said Hearing was held at 8:00 p.m. November 19, 2019 in the Minitonas-Bowsman Council Chambers;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Kennel Permit be hereby approved.

10. G. Bartel – D. Wagner
RESOLVED THAT the Council is in favor of extending the Public Works casual contract position until January 7, 2020.

11. G. Bartel – C. Densen
RESOLVED THAT Councillor Densen’s written Committee Reports be received.

12. G. Bartel – S. Walmsley
RESOLVED THAT we do now adjourn at 10:55 p.m. to meet again on January 7, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. for the next regular meeting of council.