SV School Division Classes to Resume Wed. October 9

Swan Valley School Division Notice|

We want to update you in regards to the email threat made at SVRSS on Monday October 7th. Out of an abundance of caution, the Division contacted the RCMP and took steps necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. As with any matter involving the safety of students or staff of the Division, we treated the threat extremely seriously and took the precaution of closing all schools today. The SVRSS building has had an RCMP presence in an effort to enhance safety. We have taken the day to give the RCMP time to investigate and look for ongoing threats and they have indicated that there has been no new information to suggest an escalation of these threats for our schools. The local RCMP continue to engage their specialized sections in monitoring & investigating the situation.

Given this, Swan Valley School Division will be open on Wednesday, Oct 9 to all students and staff. We have requested and will receive support from the RCMP. An officer will be at SVRSS for the rest of this week and the RCMP will be visible throughout all our schools in the Division. Access to supports will be made available to all students and staff that need them at all our schools. All schools will have more controlled access this week and this will involve all the secondary doors being locked with the front door being monitored and/or locked.

As with any threat of this kind we understand that there may be some that may be apprehensive about attending and we respect that. Attendance will be at parental discretion. If parents choose to not send their children please contact the school each day and that will be considered an excused absence this week. I want to thank you all for your support and understanding in this matter and again if you wish to discuss I can be reached at 204-734-4531 ext. 1000 or

Jon Zilkey
Swan Valley School Division