Local Men Meet to Begin Formation of a “Men Shed”

Submitted by: Barry Fawcett |

A meeting was held at Harley House on Thursday September 19, 2019 to set the ground work for the formation of a “Men Shed” for the Swan River area. Two members of the Dauphin’s Men Shed joined organizer Barry Fawcett to present information to the with six local men who attended.

“Men’s Shed” is Men Helping Men. Retirement can be hard on men; Men’s Sheds provide a renewed sense of meaning and belonging. Since men often define themselves by their occupation and socialize primarily through work, some find themselves at loose ends after the novelty of retirement wears off. Farmers used to working long hours find themselves in town apartments wondering what to do with themselves. Men are more likely than women to become socially isolated which is linked to an array of ills.

U of M Professor Corey McKenzie described the Men Shed concept at a conference –“ If you get a group of older guys around a table there’s going to be a lot of awkwardness, but if you put those same guys around a broken lawn mower, they’re going to start talking and working together.”

Starting in Australia in 2007 there are now more than 2000 groups world wide. There is no pre-ordained structure to maintain the model of the group nationally and internationally. Each Men’s Shed meets the needs of the local guys.

A second meeting will be held October 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm at Harley House. Everyone is welcome.

Special thanks to the Dauphin members who attended and to the Swan River Lion’s Club for provided rent and coffee.