Great Turnout for Blue Sky Team Penning Competition

Submitted by: Jessie Foster |

We had a great turnout for the Blue Sky Team Penning competition on June 15, 2019. there were 71 open teams and 6 youth teams.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and to Stan Foster for providing the livestock for the event.

1st Place: Rachel Olyarnyk, Jamie Taylor, Cassie Hamilton

2nd Place: Cassie Hamilton, Kim Kindiak, Stanley Dyck

3rd Place: Linette Lanski, Nicole Lanski, Trevor Nicholauson

4th Place: Bob Olyarnyk, Mark Fraser, Janet Hamilton
5th Place: Jamie Taylor, Janet Hamilton, Rachel Olyarnyk
6th Place: Bob Olyarnyk, Chrissy Martens, Janet Hamilton

Youth 1st Place: Kaisley Hrabarchuk, Sarah Foster

Youth 2nd Place: Kaisley Hrabarchuk, Bailey langevin

Youth 3rd Place: Bryce Suchoplas, Meadow Skuce

Youth 4th Place: Trey Hrabarchuk, Meadow Skuce
Youth 5th Place: Sarah Foster, Trey Hrabarchuk
Youth 6th Place: Bryce Suchoplas, Bailey Langevin