Big Woody 4H Beef Club Ready for Beef Sale

Submitted by: Angela Mullin |

The kids from the Big Woody 4H Beef Club have worked hard all winter on their projects and books.

Jack Mullin

I have been in 4H for 6 years, this is my steer – Coleminer, I named him after my Stamps Billet because he likes to eat! Coleminer is a Black Angus that we raised on our farm.

He was pasture raised with his mom, and then weaned in the fall.

He spent the winter eating and getting brushed, his favorite place to be scratched is at his tail head. I also play hockey, baseball and I am in grade 8 French Immersion. I plan to donate 10% of my profits from the sale of Coleminer to Community Foundation of Swan Valley, my brother and I are working towards having a fund there that we can direct towards you in Agriculture.

Dax Mullin

Hi, I am a grade 6 French Immersion student, I also play hockey, ball, soccer and HS rodeo.

My steer is named after the Stamps Captain, Townee because he was smaller when we weaned him but feisty!

Townee really enjoys his neck being scratched and loves his feed we get from the Coop! I plan to donate 10% of the profits of the sale of my steer to the Community Foundation of Swan Valley. Please consider buying Townee for your freezer, he was raised with love and will taste great.

Parker Tibble

I am a Grade 7 student at the Ecole Swan River South School.

My steer, “Shaggy” is a Black Mixed Breed and has been pretty easy to look after.

I plan on donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of my steer to Wellman Lake United Church Camp Shower/Bathroom project.

Robyn Tibble

I am currently attending the SVRSS and will be graduating in June.

After graduation I will be attending Hutchinson Community College in Kansas, US to further my career in Agribusiness.

I also am very fortunate to be accepted as part of the Livestock Judging Team.

This is my steer, “Chill Bill” he is a feisty silver cross bred steer. I plan on donating 10% of the proceeds from my steer to the Swan Valley Animal Protection League.

Big Woody 4H Beef Club Steers for Sale

4H Season is fast upon us, and as members get their projects ready here is something to consider if you are looking to get involved in our steer sale.

$5,942.16 – Total price at the store to buy a market steer

$3,900.00 – Price of a steer at a local 4H sale
$   900.00 – Price to have animal butchered, cut and wrapped
$4,800.00 – Total price of local 4H Steer

For $1,142.16 less than grocery store you can support a local 4H member, a local butcher and know where and how your food is raised. There may also be tax benefits for you. Purchase by private treaty – Whole, 1/2, or 1/4 Beef.

Contact the Big Woody Beef Leaders before June 14, 2019 if interested in purchasing or more information.
Darren Mullin 204-238-4499 (home), 204-731-0004 (cell)
Scott Tibble 204-539-2570 (home), 204-734-0210 (cell)