Community Band Performs 25th Spring Concert

Pictured above: Julie Kooistra, Director/Founder Former SVSD Band Instruction/Music Specialist

Submitted by: Jayne Leadbeater |

Just last Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the Swan Valley Community Band performed their 25th Spring Concert “Spring into Blossoms”, under the direction of Julie Kooistra.

The group welcomed guest performances from the Benito Grade 7/8 Band led by Brad Slepicka, and vocalist, Danya Gnida, who sang for the SV Community Band’s own Tarnished Brass.

Pictured above: Tarnished Brass led by David Gnida Trumpet, Kim Kosokowsky Trumpet, Julie Kooistra French Horn, Jayne Leadbeater Trombone, Cheryl Dahl Bass Guitar, Guest Vocalist Danya Gnida. Below, the group is joined by Grade 11 student, Jessica Kovachik.

And adding to the program, Rick Houle, pictured right, entertained the audience with a Trumpet solo, “Wonderland by Night”.

Our talented Percussion section, pictured below, always rise to the occasion dawning head attire as suggested by the music being performed.

Pictured above: Percussion ready for “Old West Rhapsody” and “Magnificent Seven”; Maureen Bowles, Cindy Bobick, Stephanie Jersak, All former School Band Students

Phyl Friesen, above, became a Percussionist in 1994.

Pictured above left: Our past uniform!, above right: Cindy Bobick on Snare Drum; Jayne Leadbeater, Trombone; Donna Jorundson, Clarinet, also All former School Band Students

Giving Julie a chance to join the Band with her French Horn, Mr. Slepicka & Jamie Eisler, directed a number of pieces. These two men contribute to the instrumentation, as well, on Cello/Percussion, and Clarinet/Trombone, respectively.

Pictured above: Brad Slepicka, Cellist/Director, former Swan Valley Regional Secondary School Student

Pictured above and below: Jamie Eisler directing “Magnificent Seven”.

One of the highlights of the evening, was the Mass Band, directed by Mr. Slepicka, where his 16 Band students joined the 25 members of the Swan Valley Community Band, playing the group “Queen’s” favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Pictured above: An Exciting moment, Mass Band under Direction of Brad Slepicka, 16 Gr. 7/8 Benito Students, 25 Community Band—Young & Older! Having a Great Time. It was ONLY the Second time to play Bohemian Rhapsody together.

In September, 2019, the Community Band will continue for its 26th year. The Swan River Valley is extremely fortunate to have one, as not all communities have the privilege. The Band has had numerous members come & go to other places without the option to join an activity such as this. Consider dusting off your instruments, and participating!

Contacting Julie Kooistra (204-734-5139) or Jayne Leadbeater (204-734-4771) is EASY!