Talented Performances at Dolyna Dancers Concert

Submitted by: Nicole Clouson |

The Dolyna Dancers held their Annual Dessert Concert on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the SVRSS. The dancers performed to a packed house, and the crowd sure appreciated the talent that was shown through the night!

The evening started with Les Rolsky and Bill Macooh playing music as guests made their way into the concert. A big thank you for the music and also for giving their donations back to the club that night!

Once guests were seated, the show began with the traditional Pryvit, or Welcome Dance, performed by the Senior group, with Storym Osatchuk and Jessica Hack of the Benito Vesselli Dancers joining the Pryvit. Our Hospydar and Hospydnya (hosts) for the evening were Eric and Jacquie Arp and Mark and Jennifer Simpson, presented with the Paska and Wheat by their daughters Julia Arp and Emily Simpson.

The talent continued with each group performing Poltava, Hutzul, Volyn, Buko dances. Our youngest group, the Sadochuks – 3-5 year olds are always a crowd favorite.

During intermission, guests were treated to a variety of desserts, prepared by Doug Chapman of the SVSD and Michelle Eisner of the Swan Valley Coop Bakery; along with a sample of the Paska (bread) presented during Pryvit.

A special performance by the Fedorchuk Brothers just before intermission wowed the crowd! These 4 brothers have all danced with the Dolyna Dancers, with the last one (Peter) graduating this year.

Guests were entertained with a high level of Ukrainian Dancing talent in this dance, one that was talked about all evening!

Thank you to Wynn, Ethan, Keir and Peter Fedorchuk for this performance!

This year, dancers wore a yellow ribbon during competitions and the concert to show our group’s support to a fellow dancer, Amara Campbell, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. The club held a “Pass the Boot” fundraiser in honor of Amara during intermission where a couple of dancers passed around a pair of red Ukrainian dance boots for donations. A big thank you to everyone who donated, all proceeds will be give to Amara’s medical fund. A total of $1592 was raised!

After the intermission, the talent continued with groups performing another round of dances!

A “Grad dance” was performed by our 3 graduating dancers, Julia Arp, Peter Fedorchuk and Emily Simpson – along with Olivia Chmelowski. Graduates were then presented with a “Larissa” print as a gift – all 3 of these graduates have danced with the Dolyna Dancers with an impressive 15 years! We wish you all the best in the future!!

As the evening started to wind up, the senior group performed the final dance – the Hopak. Followed by that, dancers – past and present in the audience joined on the stage to perform 2 Kolomeyka’s.

This year the group welcomed a new head instructor, Amanda Bulycz. We thank you for all of your hard work put in this dance year, especially with a young baby! Also thank you to our student instructors this year, Olivia Chmelowski and Jasmine Rose. We appreciate all of your help with the younger dancers!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Final Concert this year and we hope to see you next year!

Watch for the Dolyna Dancers in the Parade this year!