Tremendous Turnout for Amara Campbell Fundraiser

Submitted by: Minitonas Knox United Church

What started as a small idea turned into an outpouring of community support that reached far beyond what we could have imagined.

We originally planned to hold a soup and bun lunch in the church basement as a fundraiser for the Campbell family who are having to make frequent and extended trips to Winnipeg for their daughter, Amara, to receive cancer treatment. The venue was quickly changed to the Minitonas Hall.

Donations came freely and volunteers offered willingly. As the pre-orders mounted, we hoped we would not run out of food, but the donations of soup kept coming.

On March 21, 2019, the day of the fundraiser, an estimated 700 lunches were served and many additional donations were made. Over 100 of Amara’s schoolmates from Minitonas School attended the lunch with a number staying to help clear tables and wash dishes.

A guest book overflowed with names as well as wishes of support and encouragement.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, volunteered, ordered, attended and made donations. This type of amazing support and generosity is what makes the Swan Valley such a wonderful place to live.