Swan Valley School Division Minutes – October 9, 2018

Swan Valley
School Division

Executive Summary of the
October 9, 2018
Regular Board Meeting

Submitted by:
Tim Mendel

1. The Superintendent informed the Board that contact had been made with all universities looking for current as well as potential future teachers. We have had some local applicants that have degrees in the area of teaching we require; however, they are not certified teachers. Plans are now underway to gain Limited Teaching Permits and to encourage the applicants to gain their teacher credentials.

2. The Superintendent has requested some budget money to begin a more aggressive recruitment campaign. The plan would be to entice student teachers to do their student teaching in the Swan Valley. A plan will be presented to the Board for approval.

3. The Board has agreed to support the Local Foundation Gala Fundraiser. The Foundation has supported many school initiatives and scholarships over the years.

4. Enrollment is down in the Division. At the end of September 2017, enrollment was 1,412 FTE. At the end of September 2018, enrollment is 1,384 FTE. FTE = Full Time Equivalent. The province only funds Kindergarten students .50, local taxes pay for the other .50.

5. A reminder to please make sure you vote on October 24.

6. The Board was informed that the auction conducted on October 6 by the School Division raised $5,800. Proceeds went to support High School Athletic Programs. A big thanks to everyone involved in making the event a success.

7. Provincial Soccer Championships are being held in Swan River this weekend. Please come out and support the local teams. Big thanks to all the volunteers for making the event possible.

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held in the Division Office Board Room on October 9, 2018 commencing at 7:30 p.m. (unapproved)
The following were present:
Chair: K. Riehl
Vice-Chair: L. Evans
Trustees: D. Burghart
S. Haluschak
K. Highmoor
V. Rooks
W. Schaffer
G. Wowchuk

Superintendent: T. Mendel
Secretary-Treasurer: B. Rausch
Absent: B. Stephen

R1 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT the Minutes of the regular meeting of September 24, 2018, be adopted.

R2 S. Haluschak, G. Wowchuk:
THAT as per Item 5.1, the Notice of Motion from the September 24, 2018 Board Meeting, be received and the changes to Policy 2, Governance Model, be approved.

R3 G. Wowchuk, S. Haluschak:
THAT the Staffing Report of the Superintendent/CEO, 8.2, as presented, be ratified.

R4 D. Burghart, G. Wowchuk:
THAT as per the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer, 9.2, general cheques numbering 53709 to 53838; B 600 to B 615; transfers (bank fees) and EFT’s, which includes general and payroll in the amount of $1,621,947.50, for the month of August, be approved for payment.

R5 D. Burghart, V. Rooks:
THAT as per Item 9.3, the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer on Capital Disbursements, be received and the payments outlined, be ratified.

R6 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT as per Item 14.1, the 2018/19 Fee for Service Agreement between the Swan Valley School Division and Cameron Mateika, as outlined, be approved.

R7 V. Rooks, D. Burghart:
THAT the Board move to In-Camera.

R8 G. Wowchuk, D. Burghart:
THAT the Board move out of In-Camera.

R9 D. Burghart, V. Rooks:
THAT the Finance Report of the Secretary-Treasurer, 19.2, be received.

R10 V. Rooks, D. Burghart:
THAT we do now adjourn at 10:34 p.m.