Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 24, 2018

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
September 24, 2018 |

Northwest Region
Harvest progress was stalled this week with cool weather, intermittent rain showers, fog, heavy dew and snow over the weekend. Daytime temperatures were generally in the low teens with nighttime temperatures dropping below zero and frost through the end of the week and light snow on Saturday.

Rainfall accumulations resulted in around 13 mm through most parts of the region with southern most areas receiving closer to 20mm. Some harvest operations did take place but grain required drying. Overall harvest progress remains at 70%.

Harvesting of spring wheat is reported as 75 to 95 % complete throughout the region with some later seeded fields still standing. Yields are good ranging from 65 to 85 bu/ac.

There are varying reports regarding the completion of the canola harvest in the Northwest Region. Around Swan River the canola harvest is proceeding at about 35 to 40% complete with yields of 45 to 60 bu/ac; harvest of canola in the Roblin area is at 20% complete with the canola harvest just beginning at The Pas. The lentil and pea harvests are complete with yields of 45 to 50 bu/ac and 50 to 70 bu/ac respectively.

Continued rain and light snowfall is delaying late annual crop harvest including corn silage in much of the northwest. The wet conditions have also halted straw baling.

Supplemental feeding for livestock on pasture continues while some herds have been moved on to extended grazing such as second cut hay fields or annual crop stubble. Producers are securing additional feed where required.