Crushin It at the Durban Demo

Submitted by: Edgar Yacyshyn | Photos by ValleyBiz and Submitted

On Aug 12, 2018 Durban held their annually Demo Derby. With only a few more cars than last year the demo still went ahead. A couple cars were delayed in arriving but still made the event. Most cars were from previous years so there wasn’t too much more to be crushed.

With the help of a great pit crew, cars were getting ready as quickly as possible. Some cars had to get axles and driveshafts redone to get ready for the next heat. With minimal cars booked in, it was a race for the pit crews to get vehicles ready.

Thanks for those who tried their best to make things happen and exciting.

Benito Fire Department and Benito Fire and Rescue were in attendance. Always great to have them around in case of emergencies. Thanks guys.

Thanks to Kass for all his labour and use of equipment. We very much appreciated his help in helping us getting things done. Did a great job working the ring.

Thanks to the sound person for his PA system for announcements and entertaining between heats.

Thanks for all who volunteered in helping out. Car checkers, people who run the gate, helping signing in, all the judges, all those who helped at the food booth.

Instead of fighting with all the heat like the last few years we had to deal with the strong winds.

Thanks for all the valley businesses who supports us in hosting this event. Thanks to all who came out in support.

Grand Challenge – Nathan Ribaliken

Runner Up – Clinton Burtnack

Heat 1 – Clayton Troxler

Heat 2 – Curtis Popoff

Heat 3 – Nathan Ribaliken

Heat 4 – Leon Haule

Consolation – Dwight Popoff

Mechanics – Nathan Flett

Powder Puff – Shannon Sobothniski

Best Dressed – Clayton Troxler

Hard Luck – Layton LaRouque

Mad Dog – Cole Kroeker