Unique Gardens Enjoyed During Annual Garden Walk

Submitted by: Sheree Soura | With additional pictures by ValleyBiz

On July 23, 2018 despite the cool weather and a threat of rain, about 190 people attended the annual Garden Walk sponsored by the Swan River Ladies Golf Club.

Eight beautiful yards in the town of Swan River were on display. It was a pleasure to walk with family or friends and enjoy the flowers, ornaments, ponds and simply the overall uniqueness of the gardens. The lovely yards belonged to:

Cliff & Tammy Penner

Owen & Monica Parsons

Faye Somers & Ginnie Lawton

Kevin & Pam Greig

Ed & Cindy Gorski

Robert & Sharon Burgess

Bill & Pat Maksymchuk

Wallace & Ann Mateika

Bonus Photos

Thanks to all of them!

The winners of the raffle prizes were Romy Russell (birdhouse) and Stacy Grindle (potted flower).