Old Fashioned Fun at an Old One Room Country School

Submitted by: Debbie (Bell) Soloway |

The annual Renwer-Fisher’s Siding Annual Old Fashion Picnic took place Sunday July 22, 2018. This year the weather caused everyone to play a different version of musical chairs. The chairs were set up outside the school and then along came a short rain shower so the chairs were quickly gathered and moved into the school and fifteen minutes later the chairs were taken back outdoors, we repeated this chair game three times then the sun shone on us for the rest of the event.

The more popular games also took place between showers as the kids enjoyed the wheelbarrow race, peanut scramble and the holes in the water can carrying relay, throwing Frisbees and other activities that led to gummy worm rewards.

Then the adults got involved with the little ones in the water balloon toss, some balloons were tough and stood up to a lot of punishment tumbling along the ground but at the end of each game there were many with wet feet and legs but loads of laughter and fun.

This year we had surprise guests from Winnipeg, sisters Louise Pacholuk and Liz Stangeland (nee the Herc girls from the Dunkenville area). It was great to have visitors from Brandon, Winnipeg and other parts of Manitoba.

The potluck supper was delicious as usual with fresh dill & potatoes buns, baby creamed potatoes, baked beans and much more, with a variety of salads, barbequed burgers & hotdogs followed by a table full of great mouth watering desserts and fruit.

I was informed the cream puffs were addicting while another said he could keep eating the caramel topped chocolate brownie fudge cake until he bursts, yum! makes the cravings start to stimulate.

There were silent auction prizes, congratulations to the winners: Florian Yakelashek, Cindy Miles, Louise Pacholuk, Debbie Soloway, Evelyn Immerkar, Annie Zaretsky and Cliff Kostiuk; and the 50/50 prize of $86.00 went to Elizabeth Yablonski.

With our bellies full and the excitement of visiting with long lost friends it wrapped up another great picnic. Hats off and thank you to the committee members for continuing with this wonderful picnic, as our committee gets smaller it means we are getting older and the work takes a little more effort.

Thanks to all that look forward to meeting here each year and for all the praise; thanks for travelling (near & far), for bringing the wonderful stories and pictures from now and then, and the delicious food, to the Lewicki family for the use of the old Fisher’s Siding School & property and doing all the maintenance work.

We will see you again next year on Sunday July 21st. 2019 so bring your family and tell a friend, the little village of Renwer has Old Fashioned Fun at an Old One Room Country School.