Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – July 16, 2018

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
July 16, 2018 |

Northwest Region

This past week there were good growing conditions throughout the region with scattered light showers and daytime temperatures nearing or over 30°C; Birch River hit a high of 38°C. There were high winds over the weekend but no reports of damage. Rainfall was relatively light with Grandview, The Pas, San Clara and areas around Roblin getting roughly 13 mm of precipitation. Water remains in low-lying areas and saturated fields around Roblin and The Pas due to the high water table. Soil moisture conditions remain dry in the McCreary area.

Winter cereals are in the milk stage with winter wheat in the Dauphin area in the dough stage. Spring cereals are heading/flowering, with approximately 30% in the dough stage. With the heat, some of the early seeded wheat is starting to turn. Canola is flowering with 30% podding. Soybeans are largely flowering and starting to pod. Fifty percent of the flax crop is flowering. Throughout the region the crop is mostly rated as good with 30% rated as being in excellent condition.

Fungicide and herbicide applications are occurring as the crops reach the appropriate stage and as weather and field conditions allow. Bertha armyworm trap counts continue to climb in areas of the region; with traps in the Swan River and Russell areas reaching an “uncertain risk” rating.

Haying is progressing across the region. Areas that had dry conditions earlier in the season and areas that remain dry are reporting yields at half to 75% of normal. Fields that received timely rains are producing average yields. Rainfall and wet conditions are affecting haying operations at The Pas.

Pasture conditions are generally good, with the exception of areas around Dauphin and Ste. Rose where conditions are deteriorating due to dry conditions. Dugout levels are low to adequate.