Hoo’s Watching My Garden Grow

ValleyBiz Story by Shauna Klekta |

Do you ever get that feeling you are being watched?

This year in June, while working in our garden, I looked up to see I was under a watchful eye. In fact, it was not one but two owlets peering down from their perch about 25 feet up in a spruce tree on the edge of the driveway.

Mother owl, a great horned owl, was hanging out in a more treed area of our yard.

Within a short time, one of the fledglings took flight, landing a short distance away. The other owlet was a little more timid and preferred to retreat to the nest higher up in the tree.

Within a few days the second of the two ventured out of the nest as well.

For several weeks we would occasionally catch a glimpse of them while walking in the yard and sometimes hear their calls at night.

Our little owl family seems to have moved on leaving the evening air little quieter and my gardening time a little less eventful.