Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – June 25, 2018

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
June 25, 2018 |

Northwest Region

Hot weather and showers resulted in rapid crop growth throughout the region this week. Areas around Swan River received 12 to 35 mm of rain; southeast of Roblin (around Inglis) 30 mm, Dauphin 12 mm, and The Pas received 13 mm. Soil moisture conditions are variable with most of the region’s soil moisture rated as adequate. However, soils are dry north of Ste. Rose and right around Roblin, with some soils continuing to be wet around The Pas.

Spring wheat has progressed with 40% of the crop in the stem elongation stage and approximately 10% starting to head out. Canola growth was rapid this week; 75% is in the rosette stage, the remainder is starting to bolt and flower. Soybeans and field peas are mostly in the vegetative stage with the peas starting to flower. Crop condition is largely the same throughout the region with 80% of crops evaluated as good.

Herbicide operations continued this week. Diamondback moth trap counts remain low. Some bertha armyworm moths are showing up in traps in the Benito area.

Scattered showers across the region have brought relief to forages in some of the drier areas. There are areas still requiring additional moisture to sustain pasture growth. Haying has begun in the area.