Minitonas Skipping Club Presents Year End Performance

ValleyBiz Story | On June 19, 2018 the Minitonas Skipping Club presented their year end performance at Minitonas Early Years School in Minitonas.

The group consists of Jenna Smith, Cassidy Kurtz, Selina Copeland, Madisen Houle, Tina Copeland, Malikai Dietz, Hallie Kichuk, Felicity Grandfield, Taylor Finlay, Karlee Beals under the instruction of Carla Kurtz.

The skipping club practices once a week and participated in a total of 4 presentations this year – Taylor School, Heyes School and 2 at the Early Years School (afternoon and evening).

“We do various skipping tricks such as double Dutch, single long rope skipping, the Star, Triangle, Chinese skipping, the Split, and other activities such as tin inkling and Chinese Jump rope.” said Kurtz. “Single rope skipping is also fun and they made their own routines which incorporated many single rope tricks.”

The group also participated in a Jump Off to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation which they said was a great success and a lot of fun!