SVRSS Brings Magic of Snow White to Life

Submitted by: Tammy Zaretsky-Denischuk | The SVRSS Gym was filled with laughter from the audience and cackles and screams from the stages during the SVRSS Drama Production of Snow White this past weekend!

This traditional fairytale was brought to life under the dedicated and creative direction of Director Michelle Baudin the very talented cast and crew of this years production.

The audience’s watchful eyes moved smoothly from the mysterious set of the jealous Queen’s apartment to the beautiful forest scene and the scene of the cottage of the ever caring and watchful 7 Dwarf’s!

The audience was captivated by the intense jealousy of the wicked Queen (Zoe Winters), the humour of her faithful cat (Sam Goudy), the honesty of the Magic Mirror who could not tell a lie (Brenna Klatt), the sweetness and beautiful voice of Snow White (Tiana Liske), the kindness of the Hutsman (Landen Burick), the Magic of the Queen transforming herself into the beautiful young girl Esmerelda (Shay Chartrand) and an ugly old Crome (Emma Stinson) as she tried to kill Snow White, and of course, the powerful and overwhelming love that the noble Prince Robert (Keaton Sagert), the watchful Enchanted Vixen (Paige Seib), and the loyal, protective and animated 7 Dwarfs, had for their beloved Princess Snow White; Sarge (Madeleine Lambert), Gabby (Naiomi Baker), Gloomy Gus (Jordyn Schweder), Ticklish (Amy Becker), Spritely (Kadra Mitchell), Snore (Mackenzie Betcher), and Slowpoke (Sydney Flemming)!

The success of the production was a collaborative effort of many Very Talented students and staff members. Director Michelle Baudin had the creative vision and was able to guide everyone to recreate her vision on stage, from the costumes and make up, lighting, microphones and sound effects, props and stage sets, promotion and marketing and bringing out the the Very Best of everyone both on and off the stage!

The final night ended with the students presenting Ms. Baudin with a very well deserved tribute thanking her for her time and dedication.