Music Monday Starts the Week on the Right Note

Pictured above: 2nd/3rd Year Band Students Perform on Music Monday

ValleyBiz Story | On May 7, 2018 the Swan Valley School Division (SVSD) participate in the 14th Annual Music Monday, a national event where Canadian students and industry come together to celebrate the creation of music as a community. SVSD Music Monday Mass Bands was one of over 15000 registered events happening across Canada and involving over 6.3 million participants.

Pictured above: 1st Year Band Students Perform on Music Monday

The local event involved approximately 200 students enrolled in the SVSD’s band programs who worked with guest clinician Taylor Schmidt from the DRCSS in Dauphin. “I truly believe that music is everything. It can be a part of anyone’s life, for their whole life.” said Schmidt. “The fact these kids are coming in here and spending the whole day playing music makes me feel great that there is something awesome going on in this school division.” he added.

Pictured above: Saxaphone section practices outside on the grounds of the Swan Valley Historical Museum

Students participated in instrument specific workshops and came together to create two mass bands, one comprised of 1st year band students and the other of 2nd/3rd year band students. The day featured a performance by the SVRSS concert band during lunch as well as performances by the mass bands later in the afternoon.

“There is something special about performing, even if it is for our peers and family members.” said Schmidt.