Spectacular Evening of Dancing and Dessert

Submitted by: Nicole Clouson |The Dolyna Dancers held their final Dessert Concert on April 28, 2018. It was a great evening of entertainment put on by our dancers and their talent always impresses the crowd.

The night began with the traditional Pryvit to welcome guests. Hospydar for the evening was Ed Fedorchuk and he was presented the wheat and bread by his sons, Keir and Peter.

Getting into the program, the Sadochuk’s (our youngest group) performed their number and always entertain the crowd.

Our next group, the Beginner group did very well showing their dance, which they received a Gold medal for at their first competition last weekend in Saskatoon.

The Juniors and Intermediates did a very nice job with their dances and it’s always great to see how strongly they develop throughout the year. The Adult Dolyna Dancers put on a guest performance to Hutzul Pop, which was very entertaining.

Half way through our program, we held intermission and guests were treated to Desserts and Coffee/Tea/Juice. To begin the program after intermission, there was a surprise performance – but luckily no one snagged a picture of them. The entertainment continued through the evening with the various regions from Ukraine, including a Gypsy Solo by Emily Simpson. To wrap up the evening our Senior group did an amazing job performing the Hopak.

And of course, the Kolomeyka at the end of the evening which is the dancers favorite part as they, and many ex-dancers join them on stage to do their favorite steps.

We would like to congratulate the senior dancers for winning the Lillian Klemetski Memorial Award for Ukrainian Dance from the Fine Arts Festival, awarded that evening by Teri Boyd. Also a congratulations to our Graduating Dancer, Keir Fedorchuk. We wish you all the best!

Thank you to Les Rolsky for playing at the door and for playing music for the evening, greatly appreciated by the club! A huge thank you to our instructors this year Joe Synk and Pam Bowles. We would also like to give our best wishes to the Synk Family – we will miss you guys!

Thank you to our Dance Families and everyone who helped out for the evening, and especially to our dancers – it’s a long year but the performance you put on at the end of the year makes it worth it!