Swan Valley School Division Minutes – April 23, 2018

Swan Valley
School Division

Executive Summary of the
April 23, 2018
Regular Board Meeting

Submitted by:
Tim Mendel

1. Jennifer Simpson, SVRSS Guidance Counsellor and Jacquie Mydynski-Arp, SVRSS Principal, did a presentation to the Board on the Apprenticeship Programs offered at SVRSS. The Board had a number of questions. Discussion around things currently done to communicate information to parents and students as well as ideas on how we might improve our communication. Thanks for a very informative presentation.

2. Jennifer and Jacquie also provided the Board with a plan to start a Travel Club within the SVRSS. The Board expressed concern that fundraising and information had gone to the public before obtaining Board approval. Administration recognized that the process had been incorrect. The Board met In-Camera to discuss this proposal. After much discussion, they were not prepared to support the creation of a Travel Club at SVRSS at this point.
The Board’s concerns were:
- liability and risk of foreign travel taken on by the Board
- the School already fundraises for a number of trips
- the School already provides many opportunities for students; can we add
another club/option
- the issue of equity, what if students don’t and can’t raise the $2,500 needed
- how much fundraising can the community support
These were some of the reasons for the Board not supporting a Travel Club at this time.

3. A request to change a bus route to accommodate a School of Choice student was denied.

4. The Board was informed that the French Language Consortium received a Federal Grant of over $175,000 to upgrade the French Immersion Technology/Learning Labs.

5. The Board was informed that some families did not receive the Memo’s sent to all SVRSS parents last week. The Memo’s in some cases were sent to Parent Spam Folders. We hope the problem has been fixed. In the future, the School will use the voice system to warn parents that they should have received a Memo.

6. The Board was informed that the Professional Development topics had been set for next year: Restitution/Mental Health, Cultural Inclusiveness, Lit/Numeracy and School Planning.

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held in the Division Office Board Room on April 23, 2018 commencing at 7:30 p.m. (unapproved)
The following were present:

Chair: K. Riehl (by phone)
Vice-Chair: L. Evans (chaired the meeting)
Trustees: D. Burghart, S. Haluschak, K. Highmoor, V. Rooks, W. Schaffer, G. Wowchuk
Superintendent: T. Mendel
Secretary-Treasurer: B. Rausch
Absent: B. Stephen

Addition to Agenda:
14.2 May 1st Trustee Submission re: Star and Times Article

R1 S. Haluschak, K. Highmoor:
THAT the Minutes of the regular meeting of April 9, 2018, be adopted.

R2 V. Rooks, W. Schaffer:
THAT the Staffing Report of the Superintendent/CEO, 8.2, as presented, be ratified.

R3 G. Wowchuk, D. Burghart:
THAT as per the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer, 9.3, the revised disbursement payments, outlined on the November and December 2017 and the January 2018 monthly bank reconciliations, be approved.

R4 D. Burghart, W. Schaffer:
THAT as per Report 13.2, the Pension Committee Meeting Minutes of April 17, 2018, be received and the recommendations to the Rules of Procedure and Governance and the default option for the Tax Free Savings Account, as outlined, be approved.

R5 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT the letter from Meghan Rose and Roy Nemetchek, 14.1, be received and their request be denied.

R6 W. Schaffer, V. Rooks:
THAT the Board move to In-Camera.

R7 G. Wowchuk, S. Haluschak:
THAT the Board move out of In-Camera.

R8 S. Haluschak, K. Highmoor:
THAT we do now adjourn at 11:26 p.m.