Family Life Conference Focuses on Relationships

Submitted by: Jenniffer León Centeno | Minitonas First Baptist Church held a Family Life Conference from April 20 to 22, 2018 as part of the celebrations for its 90th Anniversary.

The Conference consisted of 4 sessions: one focused on parents with small children. The second one was directed to how to build healthy relationships with adult children.

The third session started with a wonderful time of fellowship and a delicious supper catered by Jaimie Wasylciw from Birch River. This sessions theme was for married couples and how to keep your relationship vibrant. We also enjoyed some pre-session couples games centered on cooperation, communication and companionship skills.

Finally, the last session started with a family breakfast and it was focused on prayer and how not to grow weary when praying for our families. Each session was a blessing. Our guest speakers were Gene and Grace Fox from Abbotsford, BC and they did and amazing job sharing their experiences and wisdom.

We had an attendance between 35 and 75 people for the different sessions.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the event and to everybody that came to the different sessions.