SVAPL Working Toward Keeping Shelter Open

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Sherry Martin |
Swan Valley Animal Protection League held their AGM at the Northwest Regional Library on January 16, 2018. The meeting was attended by approximately 15 people, all very interested in the direction the group is taking.

Val Bertram was present on behalf of Rick Wowchuk’s office. Val and Rick were keen to know how they could help SVAPL, and their office will be working to find grants that SVAPL may qualify for.

The meeting began with the 2017 Executive Committee giving their reports. The President, Sherry Martin, emphasized that none of the group was ready to give up and that they were all willing to work toward a common goal: keeping the shelter open. Vice President Holly Urban echoed these thoughts, and felt that the Corporate Sponsorship was a valid way to raise money each year for operating expenses. Holly and Sherry thanked the executive, committee chairs, volunteers, members and our employee Lisa Scales for their hard work and dedication.

Kyla Tibbett, Treasurer, presented the year end financials, showing that SVAPL currently has a deficit of nearly $10,000. The projected operating expenses for 2018 are about $70,000, depending on fluctuations in things like vet costs, repairs and maintenance, etc. Kelsa Unruh, Secretary for the group, thanked everyone for all of their help with her work over the year, and for everyone’s hard work keeping the shelter up and running.

Holly Urban gave a Report of Activities over the 2017 year, with special thanks for people like Audrey Sercombe and Maggie Romak, without whom the shelter would not exist. It was also mentioned that we lost a very important long term member and volunteer George Hathaway last year. George was an integral part of the shelter, and he is sorely missed by all of us, especially by his partner Audrey.

Susan Huxley, head of the nominating committee, was then asked to take over Chairing the meeting for the President until the elections were complete. Susan offered nominations as follows: President – Sherry Martin, Vice President – Holly Urban, Treasurer – Kyla Tibbett, and Secretary – Kelsa Unruh. There were no further nominations from the floor, and these positions were filled by acclamation.

Committee Chairs were also named. Following the AGM, a regular meeting was held after a break.

Corporate Sponsorship was the main topic of conversation, as was the need for a Membership drive. Both are in the works now. Watch for Maggie Romak at the Coop in the next week or so, she will be there with video, 50/50 tickets, and information on SVAPL if you are interested in joining our group. SVAPL needs volunteers to fill all kinds of needs, from helping at the shelter, to helping on our various committees.

If you would like to join us, please email, or give us a call at 1-888-212-6385. Be sure to leave a message! We hope to see YOU in 2018!