2017 SVCTC Toys 4 U Drive Helps Make Christmas Special

Submitted by: Beverly Polon | Swan Valley Communities That Care (SVCTC) wishes to thank members of the Swan Valley Community for their generous donations to the 2017 Swan Valley CTC Toys 4U Toy Drive.

There were donation boxes located at eight local businesses in order to collect community donations of toys and money. As well, the Swan Valley Stampeder’s Booster Club and hockey team dedicated their Dec. 15th & 20th hockey games to the collection of toys for this initiative. Businesses and organizations also made donations towards the purchase and wrapping of the toys. Thanks to the generosity of the SV Foundation grant as well as contributions from the general community, SVCTC was able to distribute over 330 toys and gift certificates to children and youth.

Recipients of these toys were determined by consulting with the Swan River Ministerial Association, Child & Family Service agencies, Swan Valley Crisis Centre, community members and the local Swan Valley Hospital. SVCTC were in communication with the Swan Valley Interagency, the Food Bank, and Wuskwi Sipihk Cree Nation (Indian Birch) regarding the SVCTC Toys 4 U project. Agencies were made aware of this project in order that the disbursement of the toys was inclusive of all valley residents.

The children and youth that were identified to receive toys from the SVCTC Toys 4 U drive did not already have access to existing Christmas programs in the Swan Valley.

The SVCTC Board members were privileged to receive volunteer assistance from community volunteers and from youth at the École Swan River South School (ESRSS) to assist in the organizing and wrapping of the toys. As a result of the generous donations from the Swan Valley community this year, children and youth around the Swan Valley area experienced a special Christmas.

Thank you for making 2017 an Extra Special Christmas season. This is truly the meaning of Christmas.