Bill Gade Creates Confusion

The following information is provided in response to an editorial on CJ104 Radio where Bill Gade criticizes a news website in the Valley.

While his incomplete accusations did not include the name of the website, we thought we would clarify our readership numbers to remove confusion.

ValleyBiz Main Page October 2017 Averages
34,000 pageviews per week
11,800 unique visitors during the month
Source: Google Analytics

What are pageviews?
Pageviews are the number of times a specific page is loaded. Google counts 1 pageview each time someone goes to the page. (not 1 for each picture).

Pageviews are different from users and often include multiple views by the same user. Advertisers know that it takes multiple impressions (exposures to an ad) to have their message heard. That’s why companies run the same ad multiple times during the Super Bowl – even at a cost of $5 million each.

What are users?
Users are harder to track because multiple people can use one device (for example at the library or other public place) and one person can use multiple devices (a work computer and a home computer). Google calculates users by tracking unique devices. This number is not limited to the Swan Valley as we know people in surrounding areas also use ValleyBiz. This provides additional marketing value for our advertisers.

We are confident that our advertisers continue to purchase ads on ValleyBiz because they work.

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