Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – October 2, 2017

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
October 2, 2017 |

Northwest Region

Good harvest progress was made throughout the week and into the weekend. Some field work followed on fields that were harvested. Rain started late Sunday night and continued into Monday, bringing all harvest operations and field work to a halt. Moderate to high day time temperatures throughout the week and weekend helped crops dry down, while night time temperatures dipped down most nights, with a hard frost early Friday morning.

Progress on canola harvest moved along steadily over the past week with Roblin reported as nearly complete, the Swan Valley region approximately 85% complete, and yields for the entire region ranging from 50 to 60 bu/ac. Spring wheat harvest is near completion with 90 to 100% of the crop harvested for the region.

Spring wheat yields of 75 to 80 bu/acre around Roblin and 60 to 90bu/acre around Swan River have been reported. Harvest of barley and oats is generally complete with reports of oats yielding 150 bu/acre and barley yielding 100 bu/acre in the Roblin area. Soybean harvest has started in the Swan Valley region with approximately 15% complete. Reported yields so far range from 35 to 50 bu/ac. Flax remains standing in the Roblin area. Peas are harvested with yields range from 60 to 75 bu/acre in the Roblin and Swan River areas. Volunteers and weeds continue to actively grow in fields that are harvested.

Corn silage harvest continues with reported yields ranging from 14 to 18.5 tons/ac. More bear damage has been noted in corn silage fields this year. Light frosts have producers inquiring about nitrates. Cattle are being hauled home, or to fall pastures, as summer pasture growth is slowing down.