Manitoba Agriculture Crop Report – September 18, 2017

Northwest Region Crop Report Prepared by: Manitoba Agriculture
September 18, 2017 |

Northwest Region
Warm daytime temperatures allowed harvest to progress well, although cool overnights and morning dew delayed morning operations. Over the past week Roblin received 6 mm of precipitation, Swan River 15 mm, Dauphin area 13 to 25 mm, and trace rainfall in The Pas. There was a hard frost in the northern part of the region on Sunday.

Spring wheat harvest is 90 to 100% complete, with yields of 75 to 80 bu/acre around Roblin and 60 to 90bu/acre around Swan River. Barley and oat harvest is generally complete with reports of oats yielding 150 bu/acre and barley yielding 100 bu/acre in the Roblin area.

Canola harvest has also been progressing steadily with 65% of the fields combined around Swan River, and yields of 50 to 60 bu/acre. Canola is 85% harvested around Roblin with yields of 50 to 60 bu/acre. There was good progress on the canola harvest this week around McCreary, Dauphin, and Ste. Rose with only a small amount remaining.

Soybeans and fababeans are approaching maturity with most fields still standing. Pea harvest is complete with yields ranging from 60 to 75 bu/acre in the Roblin and Swan River areas. The flax crop is ripening but harvest operations haven’t yet begun. Fieldwork on harvested fields is well underway.
Silage corn is in the dent stage.

Rainfall over the past weekend will benefit forage stands. Generally, pastures are adequate with minimal supplementation required to meet the nutritional needs of cows at this time. Producers continue to monitor pasture water supplies.