Pioneer Lodge Open House – September 23, 2017

The Board of Minitonas
First Baptist
Housing Corporation

Invites you to an
Open House

Sat. September 23, 2017
2:00 – 3:00 pm
Common Room
Pioneer Lodge
281 Fifth Avenue Minitonas

Come and find out about the supports available to seniors in Minitonas:
Community Meal Program – June Hart
Seniors Housing – Henry Barkowski / Marilyn Natyna
Seniors Transportation
– Minitonas Handivan – Marg Terry/Carol Sigurdson
– Cancer Care Volunteer Driver – Carroll Henderson
Seniors Recreation – Ed Yablonski/Henry Kublick
Socializing – Tea Time- Peggy Caruk
Local Shopping and Delivery –Barry Waito
Services to Seniors – Ida Theodore
Life-Line- Pat Foster
Adult Day Program

You will have opportunity to view a suite at the Pioneer Lodge.
Refreshments will be available.
We look forward to seeing you!