Swan Valley Community Band presents “Music Monday!”

Submitted by:
Jayne Leadbeater
(Commuications, PR, Manager)
On Monday, 1 May 2017, the Swan Valley Community Band presented their Spring Concert, “Music Monday!” In 1994, Julie Kooistra had a Dream and that Dream is now celebrating its 23rd year.

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In all those years, there have been many musicians that participated and contributed to the organization, enhancing the experience for all, and enticing people to pick up their instruments once again.

Not only do we have the Concert Band, we also have our Brass Quintet, “Tarnished Brass”, which performed as well.

Because the Community Band has the privilege of 6 Band Directors in its midst, there are multiple benefits. Especially this year! Our Spring Concert was in jeopardy, until 3 of those Directors stepped up to fill in for Julie, who had a family crisis a month before the Concert date. Our group, as well as Julie, is very appreciative of this. As a result, about 80 people were able to enjoy a social evening of fun and relaxation.

Martyn Snell (Retired Band Director SVRSS) lead the Band in a majority of the selections, with Kevin Salmi (Music/Band Director, Benito School) and Danielle Schlote (Music/Band Director ESRSS) doing the others. And, with connections of Martyn’s, we were able to engage the French Horn talents of Jeff Ings (Junior Band Director, The Pas). Julie also plays French Horn in number of pieces.

Our next performance will be CANADA DAY, 1 July 2017 at the Legion Park Concert Stage. As it will be Canada’s 150th Anniversary, there will probably be lots to see and hear at the Celebration by the Town of Swan River.


MUSICIANS: Director: Julie Kooistra (Music Director: Heyes School)
Flutes: Jenna Cuggy, Karen Kosolowky, Christina Danyluk, Danielle Schlote
Bassoon: Glenda Turton (SVRSS Music/Band Director)
Clarinets: Linda Mcrea, Sarah Salmi, Donna Jorundson, Bev Leach, Addy Oberlin, Jacquie Miller
Alto Sax: Brian Dormer, Leigh Hunt
Tenor Sax: Lorraine Malcolm
Trumpets: David Gnida, Kim Kosokowsky, Rick Houle
French Horn: Julie Kooistra, Brenda Hunt, Jeff Ings
Trombone: Jayne Leadbeater, Glenda Turton, Glenda Horochuk
Baritone: Kevin Salmi
Euphonium: Danielle Schlote
Tuba: Rob Nesbitt, Kevin Salmi
Double Bass: Mark Matejka (Band/Music Director Minitonas)
Keyboard: Martyn Snell, Mark Matejka
Percussion: Phyllis Friesen, Cindy Bobick, Stephanie Jersak, Ryan Boyd, Martyn Snell, Mark Matejka
Bass Guitar: Cheryl Dahl