Update on Long Term Care Crisis Committee

Submitted by:
Heather Nielsen |

Swan Valley RISE and the Long Term Care Crisis Committee is working diligently and quickly to address the crisis of not enough beds and care for our elders and their families.

Lack of beds for our elders is a local community, provincial, and national issue. We have a hard working invested group looking for solutions. In addition to Swan Valley RISE there is representation from Rick Wowchuk’s office, Service to Seniors and dedicated community members. PMH, locally and in Brandon, has been very helpful in providing answers to our questions as we continue our asset inventory. Very shortly, our team will tour the facilities with the hopes we can find some ways to realize more beds. At first glance, yet not substantiated, is the Benito Health Facilities and PCH. We are looking forward to our tours to find the exact situation and availability of solutions.

I would like to thank the community for calling and writing letters supporting the Long Term Care Crisis Committee. I encourage you to keep sending them to either myself or Rick Wowchuk’s office. We realize the distressing situations our community families are facing and are optimistic as a community we can work together to find some answers.