Community and Entrepreneurship Grants Available

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Community Futures Parkland |

Our annual grant & award application and nomination forms are now available on our website.

All applications and nominations are due on March 31, 2017.

The Volunteer Awards are a great opportunity to shine a light on local youth and adults who donate their time and energies for the betterment of their community.

Community Futures Parkland grants are another opportunity to support community economic development within our region.

Community Projects Grants
The 2017 Community Projects Grant is a competitive program intended to support ideas that fall under the categories of:
• Tourism
• Events
• Education (e.g. entrepreneurship, financial literacy)
• After School Programs (preferably linked with entrepreneurship,financial literacy)

Entrepreneurship Grants
The 2017 Entrepreneurship Grant is a competitive program intended to support business plans that contribute to the following goals:
• Promote the success of young entrepreneurs
• Promote the success of Indigenous entrepreneurs
• Promote the Parkland

We look forward to receiving applications.

Please find the application and nomination forms on the homepage of our website at

If you have any questions please call Breann, CFP’s Community Development Coordinator at 546-5100 or via email: