Food & Fun at Tupperware Potluck Appreciation Event

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Lori Zagrobelny |

In case you didn’t make it to the Tupperware Potluck Appreciation Event on Fri Jan 6th, 2017 at the War Veterans Hall here are some pics and a little about what you missed out on.

Twenty-two Guests/Consultants started off the night with a potluck supper which by the way was very delightful and oh so filling. However seconds were definitely taken advantage of.

After filling our bellies, Karen Nemetchek and Shelley Wiggins demonstrated a couple of Tupperware products. Giving people the chance to see how they work, ideas for different meals and of course to eat a little more.

Then the fun began. We played a game that included placing a paper plate on our head and drawing one item at a time that was described to us.

For example, “While the plate is on your head draw a Christmas tree. Now without looking, draw a present under that tree. Next place a fire place beside the tree. Oh don’t forget to add the decorations to the tree”. And so on. Once the description had been given you were allowed to look at the plate.

Some pictures were Picasso’s. Not sure if those were the good or bad ones. But they all gave us a good laugh.

Next was the “See who can stuff a plastic shopping bag in to a Smidget in the least amount of time.” For those who don’t know what a Smidget is, Come to the February event and I will give you one for free.

Tupperama tickets (or what is known to some as Chinese Auction tickets) were drawn through out the night. Lots of happy and excited people winning Tupperware product.

The last game was a candy cane game. With 3 contestants each holding a candy cane with their mouth, the hook facing down, raced against each other to see who could pick up the other candy canes (that were laying on the table) using the candy cane in their mouth and placing it in a bowl.

One happy contestant won the Tupperware bowl and lid and bragging rights. Which she sure made use of. :)

A table was set up for donations to be collected for the animals at the Swan Valley Animal Protection League.

There was a good collection of donated items thanks to everyone who donated.

Lori Zagrobelny shared a 2 minute “off the top of her head” speech about the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Winnipeg where families stay while their sick child is in hospital. Kris and Lori stayed there for 4 months and 1 day with their baby Sophia in 2015 so they know all about the amazing staff, accommodations and other families that are at the RMH. Donations for the RMH are being collected at our next Tupperware Event which has been planned for Feb. 10th, 2017. (Dates sometimes change so keep an eye open for the next Tupperware Event poster). Lori Zagrobelny also collects out of her home. Click here for a RMH wish list.

To end the awesome night Karen Nemetchek thanked everyone for coming and handed out Tupperware product and a goodie bag to everyone on her behalf.

A Big Thank You goes out to Karen Nemetchek for putting on these fun events and to the volunteers that helped her at this event, Shelley Wiggins, Lori Zagrobelny, Lenny Nemetchek and Karen’s 3 boys who are always giving Karen a big hand. (Whether they want to or not, right boys. lol Just kidding).

Hope to see you all at the February Event and don’t forget to bring a friend. Too much fun to pass up.