Swan Valley School Division Minutes – December 12, 2016

Swan Valley
School Division

Executive Summary of the
December 12, 2016
Regular Board Meeting

Submitted by:
Tim Mendel

1. The Board approved two Band Trips for ESRSS. One trip is in Manitoba to the Brandon Jazz Festival and the other is to the Moose Jaw/Regina Spring Fest.

2. The Numeracy Committee presented an Early Numeracy Intervention Proposal to the Board. The proposal entails hiring Numeracy experts to work with small groups of students who have difficulty in the area of Numeracy. The idea is to provide those students with short term targeted intervention. The Board will consider this proposal during budget deliberations in the new year.

Thanks to the members of the Numeracy Committee for their work.

3. A number of Trustees reported back to the whole Board in regards to a MSBA PD event that they attended. All who attended found the information from the PD event useful and worthwhile. Trustees always report back to the whole Board after they attend a PD event.

4. Administration was asked to write a letter to Public Health to inquire why home visits and support is no longer offered to families in need when faced with lice infestation. In the past, Public Health would visit homes and support families to rectify the problem; this is no longer the case.

5. During his opening, Trustee Wowchuk provided a brief overview of history in the Valley. He shared info on past inhabitants, archaeological evidence, artifacts and pictures of sacred sites, etc. Very informative presentation.

6. Trustees had positive comments about the AAA Feast held at the Regional School on December 6. Big thanks to the organizers for all their work in making the event a success.

7. Trustees discussed the Support Staff Recognition evening. Great event. Discussion about the gifts and maybe giving people a choice of receiving a gift or a gift card. The Board also wondered whether it was time to have just one evening instead of two separate events; one for support staff and one for teachers. Administration to perhaps conduct a survey and talk to reps to get feedback.


Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees held in the Division Office Board Room on December 12, 2016 commencing at 7:30 p.m. (unapproved)

The following were present:

Chair: K. Riehl
Vice-Chair: L. Evans
Trustees: S. Haluschak, K. Highmoor, V. Rooks, W. Schaffer, G. Wowchuk
Superintendent: T. Mendel
Secretary-Treasurer: B. Rausch
Student Services Coordinator: D. Burnside

Absent: D. Burghart, B. Stephen, C. Staniland, D. Coulthart

Addition to and Adoption of Agenda
By consensus: – 14.3 Tell Them From Me survey was added to the Agenda
- 17.1.1 Request for leave was withdrawn
- Agenda was adopted.


R1 K. Highmoor, V. Rooks:
THAT as per Item 4.1, the presentation from Miles Jones, Kris Woodward, Jennifer Leadbeater and Jennifer Allan-Fuchs on Early Numeracy Intervention, be received.

R2 W. Schaffer, G. Wowchuk:
THAT the Minutes of the regular meeting of November 28, 2016, be adopted.

R3 S. Haluschak, G. Wowchuk:
THAT the Staffing Report of the Superintendent/CEO, 8.2, as presented, be ratified.

R4 S. Haluschak, V. Rooks:
THAT the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer, 9.2, on Capital Disbursements, be received and authorization of payments outlined, be approved.

R5 W. Schaffer, G. Wowchuk:
THAT as per the Report of the Secretary-Treasurer, 9.3, the accounts listed on cheque vouchers and being the general cheques numbering 49591 to 49801 and B 48907 to B 48942 inclusive and EFT’s, which includes general in the amount of $861,409.87 and payroll in the amount of $868,606.02 plus additional payroll cheques numbering 2497 to 2518 in the amount of $4,726.59, for a total of $1,734,742.48 for the month of October be approved for payment.

R6 W. Schaffer, S. Haluschak:
THAT as per Item 14.1, the travel request for ESRSS Band to attend the Brandon Jazz Festival, March 16 & 17, 2017, be approved.

R7 G. Wowchuk, W. Schaffer:
THAT as per Item 14.2, the travel request for ESRSS Band to attend Regina Spring Fest, May 25-27, 2017, be approved.

R8 G. Wowchuk, V. Rooks:
THAT as per Item 14.3, the notification from Manitoba Education and Training regarding participation in the Spring 2017 Tell Them From Me survey, be received.

R9 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT the Board move to In-Camera.

R10 W. Schaffer, G. Wowchuk:
THAT the Board move out of In-Camera.

R11 K. Highmoor, S. Haluschak:
THAT we do now adjourn at 10:37 p.m.