Manitoba RCMP Urge Safe Choices for Halloween

RCMP Media Release |

Whatever you choose to dress up as this Halloween, remember you are responsible for making safe choices. Trick-or-treaters, parents, homeowners and motorists all have a role to play when it comes to safety.

Trick-or-treaters can:
· Trick-or-treat with an adult or a group of friends
· Stick to a well-known area
· Only visit well-lit homes and wait outside for treats
· Wear bright-coloured costumes (even better if they are reflective!)
· Avoid masks, as they can impair your vision. Try makeup instead!
· Watch for cars pulling in and out of driveways
· Cross streets at corners. Avoid zigzagging across the street
· Be respectful of people and property

· Inspect all treats before they are consumed
· Any treats that look like they have been opened should be discarded immediately
· Keep an eye on your children at all times and ensure they walk on the sidewalks or the side of the road
· Don’t let your child have homemade treats unless you know and trust who has provided them

· Drive with caution, as excited children can easily forget road safety rules
· Take extra care backing out of driveways
· Be patient
· Slow down!

· Ensure your doorway and home are well lit
· Clear sidewalks and pathways
· Avoid using open flames in any displays